Experience a 100 minute tasting in the historic centre, discover the best local craft beers and enjoy Prague's artisanal beer delicacies

Send your tastebuds on the ultimate craft beer road trip

– taste 11 samples of local craft beer ( all together cca 2.5 pints )

– try our artisanal beer delicacies and apetizers

– see the presentation of the fundamental aspects of brewing and related history

– understand Czech brewing process step by step

– learn the history of beer dated back to neolithic times

 Taste and understand a wide variety of truly remarkable Czech Beers.

The Prague Craft Beer Tasting combines the tasting, craft and art of brewing, sampling and drinking many different styles of beer. 

Step by step and sample by sample our professional beer taster takes you through the brewing process explaining what makes beer such a great drink which varies all around the world. Combining the typical Czech beer delicacies with the 11 finest Czech craft beers the Prague Craft Beer Tasting easily explaines all the magic behind the not-only Czech national drink!

Relax in our beer venue and enjoy great beers paired with local savory specialities

Whether you like it high on hops or malt, foamy, creamy, flavoured with cherry, light or dark- simply put: not all beers are created equal, we’ve got the very best from across Bohemia, and we serve them up to you together with typical savory beer delicacies. 

Our venue - The Beer Spot

Free yourself from big beer brand slavery !

In our offer you will find more than 120 beers from Czech and foreign craft breweries and localy sourced food  of the best quality. The Beer Spot is located in the historic centre of Prague under Petrin hill, at about 5 minutes from the Charles Bridge. The upper part fits about 70 people, the lower lounge 30 and the garden about 40 people. 

When : upon request (we prefer 24 hours advance inquiry)

Where : The tasting last 100 minutes and it take its place at The Beer Spot

How much : 970czk (42 Euro) per person (min 2 persons)


Tel: +420 605 918 596

Address: Plaská 5, 150 00, Prague - 500 meters from the Charles Bridge on the Castle side

No credit card needed -  you can book now and pay at the end of the experience.