Experience a 100 minute beer tasting in our historical 
Prague palace from the 12th 
discover the best local artisan beer and enjoy a variety of traditional Czech beer delicacies.

Relax in our beer venue and Enjoy great beers paired with local savory specialities.

– taste11 samplers of local craft beer( all together cca 2.5 pints )

– try our traditional beer delicacies and apetizers

– see the presentation of the fundamental aspects of brewing and related history

– explore the underground of the 2nd oldest building in Prague

– understand our brewing process step by step

– learn the history of beer dated back to neolithic times

Free yourself from big beer brand slavery.


Taste and understand a wide variety of truly remarkable Czech Beers.

Whether you like it high on hops or malt, foamy, creamy, flavoured with cherry, light or dark- simply put: not all beers are created 
equal, we’ve got the very best from across Bohemia, and we serve them up to you together with typical savory beer delicacies.